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Erin, Emily and Ramiro LOVE anything to do with food.

Erin and Emily met in Boston in 2002... and would be pretty much inseparable if it weren't for the fact that Emily has since moved to Jacksonville, Florida while Erin remains in Boston. Ramiro can be found in Houston. In the Fall of 2007, it was the love of food, addiction to disney world, horror movies, music and other similar interests that brought together these three foodies.

Everyday they tell each other all their meals, but it goes beyond that, way beyond that. They love to discuss anything related to food, whether it be food they do or do not enjoy, recipes, and photos. They also have a blast looking at menus of places they love going to, places they've never been and want to try, or places that aren't even near them that they probably won't ever get to. They all like the same quality of food and share the same appreciation for anything to do with food as well. Oftentimes they are reminded of each other when encountering a certain food experience. This journal was created so they can share their love of food with each one another....and so they can go back and see things they were thinking about, eating, or whatever.

Anything food related is posted. Recipes, meals, thoughts, pictures... anything!

ENJOY!! (Cos we sure do)